Crafting Comparison Papers
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Crafting Comparison Papers

For Developing Writers of Grades 4-10

ISBN: 978-0-929895-94-9

by Marcia Freeman

Since comparison papers require students to describe both similarities and differences, they are often used as assessment tools in just about every subject. For this reason alone, developing writers should be taught how to craft effective comparison papers.

But teaching your students how to compose comparison papers also has a larger impact on their education—it prepares them to think more analytically, perform better in complex testing situations, and compare texts.

In Crafting Comparison Papers, Marcia S. Freeman fully explains the four instructional steps that develop comparison skills: understanding the concept of attributes; organizing attributes for comparison; building clear, coherent comparative paragraphs; and assembling effective comparison papers. She includes lessons with specific Target Skills™ to support your students' progress, and she suggests timelines that will help you plan your curriculum.

Throughout, Freeman's comprehensive approach and clear instructions make this book a unique and valuable resource for any teacher of developing writers.

Grades 4-10, 120 pages

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