Launch the Reading Block
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Launch the Reading Block


by Kristi McCullough

Starting up the reading block can be overwhelming. There are so many considerations— What stations do I introduce first? When do I conduct individual reading assessments? What skills should I teach my readers first? How do I grow reader stamina?

Kristi McCullough opens this resource with a big-picture vision for how whole-class mini-lessons, small-group instruction, and literacy stations ultimately work together to support students mastering literacy skills. Then it describes the importance of foundational lessons to establish routines, outline expectations, and build stamina at the beginning of the school year. The subsequent pages outline a day-by-day schedule of mini-lessons needed to achieve this during the first six weeks.

The 30-day calendar includes lesson suggestions for:

  • Reading mini-lessons
  • Routines & procedures
  • First literacy stations
  • Managing assessments
  • First meetings with small groups

Many of the lessons revealed within the six-week calendar include footnote references to corresponding digital resources available on

In addition, this resource debunks misconceptions about teaching reading in order to overcome common management pitfalls.

Launch the Reading Block is a great resource for those looking for specific lesson direction for the management of an effective reading block.

Grades K-5, 12 staple-bound durable card-stock pages

This newly revised & redesigned product was formerly known as the 6-Week Planning Guide for Launching the 90-Minute Reading Block.

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