Connect Comprehension & Composition
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Connecting Comprehension & Composition

Maximize literacy instruction with an intentional integration of reading and writing skills


by Kristina Smekens

Using class time effectively is more important today than ever. It’s increasingly challenging for teachers to fit everything into their allotted instructional time. Point out the reciprocal connections to students and make your planning and teaching more efficient.

Introduce literacy skills to your readers first. Then have them experiment with them as writers. When these connections are made, the result is purposeful instruction and efficient learning.

This resource provides more than 100 reading skills with their reciprocal writing skills. That's more than 200 lesson concepts.

Connecting Comprehension & Composition provides these side-by-side skills organized in three ways—

  1. Process Units of Study show students how to function as readers and writers and ways to develop strong habits.
  2. Strategy Units of Study dissect the writing skills that mirror individual comprehension strategies.
  3. Genre Units of Study highlight significant reading and writing skills to target within the different modes of communication (e.g., narrative, expository, argumentative/persuasive, etc.).

Grades PreK-12, 20 pages, 9" x 7" spiral-bound

"This text is not a mini-lesson book. It’s a list of 100+ skills to teach readers and their corresponding writing skills. It’s for those who may not know the reciprocal skills between specific reading lessons and their counterparts in writing.Connecting Comprehension & Composition will help teachers plan which writing lessons to teach when targeting particular skills with their readers."--Kristina Smekens

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