Scaffold Comprehension Instruction
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Scaffold Comprehension Instruction

A Flapbook of K-12 Skills

ISBN: 978-0-9790186-9-5

by Smekens Education

This spiral-bound resource provides a flap-by-flap build of comprehension skills to teach throughout the year. Lesson concepts for every skill are differentiated for literature/fiction and informational text/nonfiction applications.

This resource is organized into six categories of comprehension strategies. These include: retell & summarize ideas, determine the main idea, visualize ideas, question author choices, connect within & among texts, and synthesize ideas.

Grades K-12, 12" x 6 ½" Spiral-bound laminated card stock

Watch as Kristina Smekens, Lead Consultant for Smekens Education, explains how to use this product in your classroom.

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