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All Sorts of Sorts
Item: 850499

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All Sorts of Sorts

Word Sorts That Reinforce Spelling and Phonetic Patterns

ISBN: 978-1-5678-5049-9

by Sheron Brown

The 155 Sorts in this book provide word study practice for students in large group, small group, individual, and learning center settings. They offer a multi-sensory experience in which students manipulate and categorize words by specific features or sound parts: initial and final consonants, short and long vowel patterns, high frequency phonograms, vowel digraphs and diphthongs, common blends and endings, and "sound-alikes" such as gn and kn. There are also some fun word meaning sorts such as "has wheels" and "does not have wheels." Instructions are provided for presenting open, closed, speed, "blind," and writing sorts. Blank word sort masters are also included so you and your students can design your own sorting activities.

192 pages

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