Adolescent Literacy in the Academic Disciplines
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Adolescent Literacy in the Academic Disciplines

General Principles and Practical Strategies

ISBN: 978-1-4625-0280-6

Edited by Tamara L. Jetton and Cynthia Shanahan

From the leading authorities in both adolescent literacy and content-area teaching, this book addresses the particular challenges of literacy learning in each of the major disciplines. Chapters focus on how to help students successfully engage with texts and ideas in English/literature, science, math, history, and arts classrooms. The book shows that while general strategies for reading informational texts are essential, they are not enough—students also need to learn processing strategies that are quite specific to each subject and its typical tasks or problems. Vignettes from exemplary classrooms illustrate research-based ways to build content-area knowledge while targeting essential reading and writing skills.

Grades 6-12, 274 pages

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