Think Aloud Cards
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Think Aloud Cards


by Smekens Education

The gradual release of responsibility requires the teacher to first model the skill (i.e., I do) before asking students to try it (i.e., We do, You do). While demonstrating the skill physically, don’t tell students what you are doing, show them by sharing your inner thoughts via a Think Aloud. I see ___ and think… So, I’m going to… I’m wondering if… But then I… The complete deck includes 16 Think Aloud Cards. Utilize them while modeling any skill to reinforce the I do, you watch and listen portion of the lesson. TIP: Give students the same cards to voice their thinking while working through a complex passage or difficult math problem.

16-4" x 2 5/16" full-color cards printed on card stock


Watch this video where Smekens Education Remote Coach Bridget Longmeier explains how to use this resource in your classroom.

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