Chewy Louie
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Chewy Louie

ISBN: 978-0-873-58765-5

by Howie Schneider

When Father brings home a new puppy, it is love at first sight. The family takes good care of its new member, but, although he is a very cute puppy, they quickly discover that he is also constantly hungry. No matter how much they feed him, he still wants to chew everything in the house, earning him the nickname Chewy Louie. Louie's destructive behavior is not so bad until he starts eating toys, furniture, and even parts of the house. Rest assured that Louie is only going through a growing phase, and he needs time to grow out of it. Children will laugh out loud at the riotous behavior of the rambunctious pup. They may even learn that taking care of a new puppy is a big responsibility and can only be done with a lot of patience and love.

Hardcover, 32 pages

Appropriate mentor text for the following traits:
Voice, Organization