Crime and Puzzlement
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Crime and Puzzlement

24 Solve-Them-Yourself Picture Mysteries

ISBN: 978-0-879-23405-8

by Lawrence Treat

Eli P. Harvard was found dead inside his ski lodge, a revolver clutched in his hand and a bullet lodged in his brain. He'd broken up with Sally the night before. Had despondency driven him to suicide? Or had the vengeful Sally done him in? The clues are in the picture; it's up to you, the closet detective, to find out who killed Harvard and why.

  • Read the story
  • Ponder the picture
  • Seize the pencil in fist
  • And solve it yourself!

With Lawrence Treat as your escort you'll discover detecting powers you never dreamed you had. Who stole the Van Bliven necklace? Did Mrs. Falwell really fall out of her twelfth-floor window? Where did little William go? You find out!

Paperback, 70 pages