Cyber Bullying
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Cyber Bullying

ISBN: 978-1-4329-5544-1

by Nick Hunter

Bullying has been a problem ever since kids first started going to schools. It's terrible, but at least it ends at home. But with cyber bullying, there is no safe place to get away from it. This new, distressing phenomenon has become a massive problem because cyber bullying is so much easier to do than regular bullying. It's often completely anonymous. Teens might not know where to turn or how to get help. Parents might not even know it's a problem. This book explains the many forms cyber bullying can take, how it hurts the people involved, and what can be done to prevent it.

Hot Topics is a sophisticated but accessible series for teens that tackles many of the issues of the day by taking an in-depth look at the issue, what it means to the people involved and society as a whole, and the various arguments and controversies on how best to deal with the issue.

Paperback, 56 pages, Guided Reading Level: Z

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