Discovering Voice
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Discovering Voice

Voice Lessons for Middle and High School

ISBN: 978-0-929895-89-5

by Nancy Dean

In Discovering Voice, Nancy Dean creates a prequel to Voice Lessons specifically designed to teach the elements of voice to students in middle and early high school. The lessons on diction, detail, figurative language, imagery, syntax, and tone help students understand the concept of voice in what they read and develop a strong, personal voice in their own writing.

Every voice lesson includes a quotation selected from a wide range of literature, two discussion questions, and an exercise that encourages students to practice what they have learned about the elements of voice.

Discovering Voice also offers a collection of quotations students can use to create their own voice lessons. Discussion suggestions for each voice lesson and additional activities for teaching voice enhance the scope and instructional value of the resource.

Each Discovering Voice lesson provides focused practice for a specific element of voice and takes only ten to twenty minutes of class time. The lessons fit well with any curriculum. As students work with the elements that compromise voice, they will improve their ability to critically analyze literature. Students will also learn to apply the elements of voice to their own writing, creating a clear voice of their own.

Grades 6-10, 144 pages