DK Eyewitness: Volcano & Earthquake
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DK Eyewitness: Volcano & Earthquake

ISBN: 978-1-4654-2618-5

by Susanna van Rose

Discover the power and effects of volcanoes and earthquakes—from hotspots to tsunamis in this updated edition of a best-selling title in the Eyewitness series

Highlighting two of nature's most terrifying forces, Eyewitness: Volcano & Earhquake lets young readers witness truly terrifying volcanoes exploding with molten lava and devastating earthquakes that can rip apart and uproot a landscape in an instant. Discover how buildings are earthquake-proofed, find out how animals can detect earthquakes before people, how Pompeii was buried and destroyed by Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, plus learn about the career of a volcanologist, the types of seismic waves and how lave can reach temperatures of up to 2,190 °F.

Paperback, 72 pages