George Washington's Teeth
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George Washington's Teeth

ISBN: 978-0-312-37604-8

by Deborah Chandra & Madeleine Comora

From battling toothaches while fighting the British, to having rotten teeth removed by his dentists, the Father of His Country suffered all his life with tooth problems. Yet, contrary to popular belief, he never had a set of wooden teeth. Starting at the age of twenty-four, George Washington lost on average a tooth a year, and by the time he was elected president, he had only two left! In this reverentially funny tale written in verse and based on Washington's letters, diaries, and other historical records, readers will find out what really happened as they follow the trail of lost teeth to complete "tooflessness."

Paperback, 40 pages

Appropriate mentor text for:
Expository Writing: Informational Text