Oh, Yuck!
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Oh, Yuck!

The Encyclopedia of Everything Nasty

ISBN: 978-0-761-10771-2

by Joy Masoff

From the liquids, solids and gases especially the gases! of the human body to the creepy, crawly, fetid, and foul phenomena of the world at large, OH YUCK! is the all-encompassing compendium of gross.

Skin eruptions. Naked mole rats. The Donner party and the hissing roach of Madagascar, maggot therapy, ear wax, the good news about pus, and why vomit smells.

Plus raunchy recipes and vile x-periments, Exploding Zit, Scab Surprise, and more.

It's everything you ever wanted to know about the yucky side of life.

Paperback, 224pp

Appropriate mentor text for:
Ideas, Organization, Word Choice

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