Parent Strategy Card: Expanding Vocabulary

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Parent Strategy Card: Expanding Vocabulary

Revised & Redesigned! Now available in Spanish!

by Smekens Education

Help Parents Help Students with Parent Strategy Cards for Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, and Writing
These are excellent tools for improving student proficiency. All cards were developed based on current educational research and best-practices. Each card has numerous parent-friendly tips, tricks, and do's and don'ts to empower them as they help their students practice at home. These are a popular giveaway at an open house, back-to-school night, or parent-involvement evenings. Each card is 11" x 6", full color, on glossy heavy card stock.

Expanding Vocabulary
The average student needs to work with one new word 14 times before mastering its meaning. This card encourages parents to ask students to explain new words, name examples, and identify synonyms and antonyms. Students are also encouraged to use new words in a sentence, write the word, and look up its definition.

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Watch this video where Smekens Education Remote Coach Bridget Longmeier explains how to use this resource in your classroom.


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