Piggie Pie!
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Piggie Pie!

ISBN: 978-0-395-86618-4

by Margie Palatini

Gritch the Witch is grouchy, grumpy, and very hungry. The only thing that could make her happy is something extra special for lunch, and that is: Piggie Pie! Gritch zooms off on her broomstick to find eight plump piggies - where else? - on Old MacDonald's Farm. Cleverly disguised pigs impersonate ducks, chickens, a cow, and Old MacDonald himself, as this uproarious, quick-paced story builds to an ironically surprising conclusion. Wacky, hip, and illustrated with bold, bright paintings, Piggie Pie adds a new twist to an old fairy-tale scene.

Paperback, 32 pages

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