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ISBN: 978-0-06-075368-9

by Jack Prelutsky

We're sailing to Scranimal Island.

It doesn't appear on most maps...

Scranimal Island is where you will find the fragrant Rhonocerose, the cunning Broccolions, and if you are really, really lucky and very, very, quiet, you will spot the gentle, shy Pandaffodil. You may even hear it yawning if the morning's just begun, watch its petals slowly open to embrace the rising sun.

So put on your pith helmet and prepare to explore a wilderness of puns and rhymes where birds, beasts, vegetables, and flowers have been mysteriously scrambled together to create some creatures you've never seen before—and are unlikely to meet again! Your guides—Jack Prelutsky, poet laureate of the elementary school set, and two-time Caldecott Honor artist Peter Sis—invite you to join them on an adventure you will never forget!

Paperback, 48 pages

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