Sing & Comprehend CD
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Sing & Comprehend CD


by Smekens Education Solutions

One way to help students remember reading comprehension strategies is to sing about them. Listen in to Smekens Education's original Sing & Comprehend CD for seven songs that are sure to help students recall the main gist of each strategy. With three ways to listen (solo male vocal, female child vocal, and children with instruments), your students will enjoy learning and singing along.

Lyrics by Liz Shockey & Kristina Smekens

Song Line-up

  • Making Inferences
  • Questioning & Predicting
  • Making Connections
  • Creating Visualizations
  • Retelling & Summarizing Ideas
  • Determining Main Idea
  • Synthesizing Ideas

Click here for a downloadable PDF version of the lyrics for each song.

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