Stanley the Dog: The First Day of School
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Stanley the Dog: The First Day of School

ISBN: 978-0-06-303952-0

by Bobby Bones

From the award-winning radio and TV personality and beloved two-time New York Times bestselling author Bobby Bones, Stanley the Dog: The First Day of School is a hilarious and heartfelt new picture book about a bulldog pup named Stanley and his adventures on the first day of school.

Today is Stanley’s first day of school—and he really doesn’t want to go. Stanley would rather dawdle in bed and dither over which collar to wear than get on the school bus. With his stomach turning into tighter knots by the minute, Stanley’s worried whether a bulldog like him will ever fit in with the other pups at school.

For one thing, Stanley doesn’t know any of the school rules. He rolls when he’s supposed to sit. Barks when he’s supposed to stay. And worst of all, he doesn’t know how to make friends. But when disaster strikes, maybe all Stanley needs to do is be himself in order save the day?

Illustrated with hilariously loving detail by Stephanie Laberis and inspired by Bobby Bones’s own real-life bulldog puppy, Stanley the Dog: The First Day of School will remind every reader about the challenges of trying new things and the value of staying true to yourself.

Hardcover, 32 pages