Text Features: The Purposeful Parts of Text
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Text Features: The Purposeful Parts of Text

A Set of Text Features Cards

by Smekens Education

Whether it's a headline or time line in print text or a hyperlink or button in digital text, strong readers learn to navigate efficiently using physical text features authors and publishers provide. Classroom instruction of these purposeful parts of texts must move beyond simply defining each one and showing a couple of examples. Emphasize how they are organized, what content they include, where they are found in relation to the main text, when a reader would utilize them in the reading process, and precisely how they support comprehension of the main text. In addition, make connections between different features that perform the same function in various text types—and those only relevant to either print or digital text.

To support instruction of these purposeful reader tools, each text feature in the set includes a visual representation on the front side and detailed explanation of its purpose and function on the back.

The 12-page digital download includes:

  • 30 individual text features, to be printed front to back on cardstock.
  • A cover page with suggestions for lesson instruction.
  • A zip file with the graphic representation of each text feature—31 images total.

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