The Girl's Like Spaghetti
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The Girl's Like Spaghetti

Why, You Can't Manage Without Apostrophes!

ISBN: 978-0-399-24706-4

by Lynne Truss

Just as the use of commas was hilariously demystified in Eats, Shoots & Leaves: Why, Commas Really Do Make a Difference!, now Lynne Truss and Bonnie Timmons put their talents together to do the same for apostrophes. Everyone needs to know where to put an apostrophe to make a word plural or possessive (Are those sticky things your brother’s or your brothers?) and leaving one out of a contraction can give someone the completely wrong impression (Were here to help you).

Full of silly scenes that show how apostrophes make a difference, too, this is another picture book that will elicit bales of laughter and better punctuation from all who read it.

Hardcover, 32 pages

Appropriate mentor text for the following traits:

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