Trait Crate Plus

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Trait Crate Plus

by Ruth Culham

These kits from writing expert, Ruth Culham, give you grade-perfect picture books and in-depth lessons to teach writing based on the traits. Each crate contains:

  • 6 mentor texts by beloved children's authors—one for each trait
  • 6 teaching guides with trait-focused, mode-specific lessons based on the mentor texts (24 lessons total)
  • The Writing Thief, Culham's groundbreaking professional book
  • Companion website with video interviews of children's authors, downloadable pages, and student-friendly scoring guides
  • 6 teaching posters that feature key qualitites of the traits
  • 120 color-coded stickers

Available for Grades K though 5.


Kindergarten Mentor Texts:

  • Ideas: Worms for Lunch?, by Leonid Gore
  • Organization: Mouse at Night, by Nancy Christensen Hall
  • Voice: Hiding Phil, by Eric Barclay
  • Word Choice: The Great Gracie Chase, by Cynthia Rylant and Mark Teague
  • Sentence Fluency: The Deep Blue Sea: A Book of Colors, by Audrey and Bruce Wood
  • Conventions: Monday Is One Day, by Arthur A. Levine


Grade 1 Mentor Texts:

  • Ideas: The Wonderful Book, by Leonid Gore
  • Organization: The End (Almost), by Jim Benton
  • Voice: Dumb Bunnies Go to the Zoo, by Dav Pilkey
  • Word Choice: A Tree Can Be, by Judy Nayer
  • Sentence Fluency: Just How Long Can a Long String Be?, by Keith Baker
  • Conventions: The Gingerbread Bear, by Robert Dennis


Grade 2 Mentor Texts:

  • Ideas: Tony Baloney, by Pam Munoz Ryan and Edwin Fotheringham
  • Organization: Kenya: A to Z, by Justine and Ron Fontes
  • Voice: Detective Blue, by Steve Metzger
  • Word Choice: Gone with the Wand, by Margie Palatini
  • Sentence Fluency: Hot Rod Hamster: Monster Truck Mania, by Cynthia Lord
  • Conventions: The Whales, by Cynthia Rylant


Grade 3 Mentor Texts:

  • Ideas: The Swing, by Joe Cepeda
  • Organization: Train, by Elisha Cooper
  • Voice: The Pet Shop Revolution, by Ana Juan
  • Word Choice: Lizards, by Nic Bishop
  • Sentence Fluency: Too Many Toys, by David Shannon
  • Conventions: Exclamation Mark, by Amy Krause Rosenthal


Grade 4 Mentor Texts:

  • Ideas: If Kids Ran the World, by Leo and Diane Dillon
  • Organization: Who Would Win? Whale vs. Giant Squid, by Jerry Pallotta
  • Voice: Bugs in My Hair, by David Shannon
  • Word Choice: The Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Bad Wolf, by Mark Teague
  • Sentence Fluency: Steve Jobs: A True Book, by Josh Gregory
  • Conventions: Season of the Circle: A Native American Year, by Joseph Bruchac


Grade 5** Mentor Texts:

  • Ideas: Buried Sunlight, by Molly Bang and Penny Chisolm
  • Organization: Unspoken: A Story from the Underground Railroad, by Henry Cole
  • Voice: The Adventures of Ook and Gluk;Kung-Fu Cavemen from the Future, by George Beard and Harold Hutchins
  • Word Choice: Testing the Ice: A True Story About Jackie Robinson, by Sharon Robinson and Kadir Nelson
  • Sentence Fluency: Jangles: A Big Fish Story, by David Shannon
  • Conventions: What’s New? The Zoo!, by Kathleen Krull

**Grade 5 is on backorder at the publisher and unavailable at this time.