US Culture Through Infographics DISPLAY COPY

US Culture Through Infographics DISPLAY COPY

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This gently used book served as a display copy for our live workshops. Each title in this category has a yellow DISPLAY COPY label that wraps around the spine and may also have inventory tags. Quantities are limited. Sale prices valid online only.


US Culture Through Infographics DISPLAY COPY

ISBN: 978-1-4677-4565-9

by Nadia Higgins

Exploring the culture of the United States can be exhausting! You need to know about popular national pastimes (from ball fields to Broadway stages), different ethnic backgrounds of Americans (such as Navajo, Korean, and Somali), and what it means to live in a free country (know your rights!). How can you make sense of all these facts and customs? Infographics! The charts, maps, and illustrations in this book tell a visual story to help you better understand key concepts about US culture. Crack open this book to explore mind-boggling questions such as:

  • How have movies, jazz music, and other US art forms evolved over time?
  • What are the best books written by American authors?
  • Just how much time do Americans really spend watching TV?

The answers will help you feel at home!

Paperback, 32 pages

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