What If You Had Animal Hair!?
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What If You Had Animal Hair!?

ISBN: 978-0-545-63085-6

by Sandra Markle

If you could have any animal's hair, whose would you choose?

If you had a polar bear's double coat, you would never have to wear a hat when playing in the snow. If you had reindeer hair, it could help you stay afloat in water. And if you had a porcupine's hair, no bully would ever bother you again!

What If You Had Animal Hair? is a follow-up to the adorable What If You Had Animal Teeth? Each spread will feature a photographic image of the animal and its hair on the left and an illustration of a child with that animal's hair on the right.

Paperback, 32 pages

Appropriate mentor text for:
Expository Writing: Cause/Effect

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