What's My Voice?
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What's My Voice? Fluency Cards


by Smekens Education

When learning to read, students initially sound like stilted robots. The goal is to advance their fluency so that they move through the sentences smoothly and effortlessly like a gliding skateboarder.

To achieve this, readers must improve more than just their reading rate. They need to practice reading text in phrases and with prosody. Help students learn to adjust their voices to include expression, intonation, volume, and pacing using the What's My Voice? fluency cards.

Each card includes a specific emotion at the top and three levels of three sentences each for differentiated practice. Fluency cards are printed 4" x 5.5" durable card stock. Set includes 10 cards plus directions.

Grades 2-12


Watch this video where Smekens Education Remote Coach Bridget Longmeier explains how to use this resource in your classroom.

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