World Geography Through Infographics
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World Geography Through Infographics

ISBN: 978-1-4677-4569-7

by Karen Latchna Kenney

Wandering through a maze of geography facts can easily get you lost! You need to navigate huge distances (an orange may travel more than 8,000 miles on the way to your stomach), vast population numbers (1.3 billion in China alone!), and gigantic global crises (the impact of a natural disaster). How can all these big numbers and concepts make more sense? Infographics! The charts, maps, and illustrations in this book tell a visual story to help you better understand key concepts about world geography. Crack open this book to explore mind-boggling questions such as:

  • Why do so many cities spring up along rivers?
  • Where are the highest mountain peaks in the world?
  • How does human activity change the face of the planet?

The answers are sure to point you in the right direction!

Paperback, 32 pages