Writer Conference Compliment Card
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Writer Conference Compliment Card


by Smekens Education

When conferring with writers, provide them each a trait-specific compliment; tell the writer what he did well. For example, Jeremy, your word choice in this piece is fantastic! I love the words “bloated, alarmed and screeched.” AWESOME verbs! Providing such a compliment is important because often this wasn’t something the writer did intentionally; it was by accident. Name the skill so he will do it again, on purpose, in the future. TIP: The same Conference Compliment Card can also double as a list of skills that need to be improved. For example,  I am wondering about your sentence fluency. Most of your sentences are the same length. Consider putting your draft through the Slinky Test. Carry the 8.5” x 5.5” Writer Conference Compliment Card with you as you meet with writers, and you’ll know just what to say.

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