You Wouldn't Want to Live Without Toilets!
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You Wouldn't Want to Live Without Toilets!

ISBN: 978-0-531-21306-3

by Fiona Macdonald

How would you cope if there were no toilets? Where would you go? How would you keep yourself and your house clean? This book tells the fascinating story of a piece of technology that most of us take for granted. Find out why toilets are so important, how they have improved over the years, and how they might develop in the future.

Excerpts From Experts:

  • Don't dig a well next to a cesspit. If germs seep into your drinking water, you could die a horrible death from cholera.
  • Be grateful for the engineers and inventors who have made our world a cleaner and healthier place, from Joseph Bazalgette to Thomas Crapper.
  • Close the toilet lid before flushing. Otherwise, droplets of germ-filled water can spray into the air.
  • Waste doesn't need to be wasted—there are safe ways to recycle it.

Paperback, 32 pages

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