Mastering Short-Response Writing
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Mastering Short-Response Writing

Claim It! Cite It! Cement It!

ISBN: 978-1-338-15777-2

by Alan Sitomer

Build confident, capable writers who own the concrete skills necessary to excel at composing evidence-based expository or argumentative short responses. In order to succeed on a wide range of writing assignments and assessments that call for writing to a prompt, students must control the content and mechanics of a logically structured, grammatically correct paragraph. California Teacher of the Year award winner and celebrated trade author Alan Sitomer outlines the Triple C writing system— CLAIM IT! CITE IT! CEMENT IT! - a sequence of instructional steps that helps students concisely and convincingly respond to an on-demand prompt. Mastering Short-Response Writing is a particularly effective instructional tool for raising the skill sets of low-performing writers in grades 3 and up.

Grades 3-8, 160 pages

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